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In accordance with the rules of data protection of a personal nature, it is hereby authorised that personal data provided is incorporated in the file of “Contacts”, which is the responsibility of ANA ELCOROBARRUTIA IRACULIS, with TIN 30590121Y, and registered office at ALLENDE SALAZAR Nº 4, 48300 GERNIKA (BIZKAIA) SPAIN.

The purpose of this data processing is to manage requests and contacts.
This data will be not sent to third parties and will be maintained as long as the relationship exists.

According to the regulation above, the withdrawal of the consent given may be indicated, as well as exercise the rights of access, rectification, suppression, restriction of processing or opposition together with data portability. These requests shall be made to: ALLENDE SALAZAR Nº 4- 4º IZQDA-DCHA, 48300 GERNIKA (BIZKAIA) SPAIN.


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