About us



From our studio, we design and create baby and children’s clothes, which are both classic and cute. Our goal is to dress infants with style and elegance and we make sure that each and every garment is made with love and perfected like a jewel.

Living in Panama for many years led to my designs being influenced by its sunshine, sea breeze and all the people that I met there. Later on, while studying embroidery in Paris, my love affair with dressmaking began. This was inspired by; the traditional children’s wear shops along the streets of the City of Light, the embroidery and the piqué christening robes.

Letilusila is a mix of all the beautiful things I have encountered as well as my every day inspirations.

I pride myself on paying close attention to detail and use only the finest materials to hand-make each garment. We use great quality thread, with fabrics such as wool and Spanish cotton. Our buttons and charms come direct from Paris with our embroidery and lace is made from fabric from Japan. The majority of floral fabrics are from Liberty.

Bunnies and little embroidered bunnies are our trademark… and the tags and packaging are just the icing on the top.